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Heiden Group Established


Brad Phillips
The Heiden Group, LLC
(703) 715 - 4992

New Consulting Firm Created by Merger of Heiden Hopewell Phillips and Brigantine Consulting

Reston, VA., October 19, 2004 - Heiden, Hopewell, Phillips, LLC and Brigantine Consulting, LLC have completed a merger of their organizations. The new company will be called The Heiden Group, LLC with headquarters in Reston, VA and additional offices in San Francisco, CA. The combined firm will leverage the strong track records of Heiden Hopewell Phillips and Brigantine in technology and telecommunications, to better serve its clients' recruiting and corporate development needs.

The Heiden Group will provide staffing and consulting services to mid-size technology and telecommunications companies with a focus on those that wish to re-position their product set or re-ignite their sales and marketing staffs. Heiden Hopewell Phillips brings 15 years of sales force development and corporate restructuring efforts for technology and telecommunications companies. Brigantine Consulting complements this background with over 15 years of experience in solving complex operational, product, and marketing issues for the same market.

"The merger of these two companies creates a recruiting and consulting firm unequaled in sales and operational strength within our industry", said Co-Founder, Clint Heiden. "No firm anywhere in the world can claim to have created over $8 billion in organic revenue; built and managed 15 of the world's largest IP and data sales forces; and operated many of the largest IP networks and over 40 Internet data centers".

With offices on both coasts, The Heiden Group is well positioned to serve customers nationally and internationally. "The combined companies brought a unique value equation to Looking Glass Networks while we were in the process of enhancing our collocation, hosting and IP offerings" said Lynn Refer, Founder and CEO of Looking Glass Networks.

"The experience within this company is unparalleled in the IP industry. Clint Heiden and his team have proven time and again they are authorities in the IP space. They bring tremendous credibility to firms intending to enter the IP market or strengthen an existing IP strategy" said Chris Albinson, Principal at JP Morgan Partners.

About The Heiden Group

The Heiden Group provides proven expertise to help clients confront the complex challenges that limit business performance and assists clients in building world-class organizations.

The firm focuses its consulting and staffing services primarily on companies in the IP, data, and technology space and helps them to build winning strategies and improve their bottom line. The Heiden Group is headquartered in Reston, Va., with additional offices in San Francisco, Ca.

For further information on The Heiden Group, contact Brad Phillips at (703) 715-4992.

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