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At first glance, firms focused on recruiting for technology companies may seem similar.  Their service offerings and fees don’t differ dramatically from one another, and each firm may claim comparable track records.

Some firms are made up of teams of career recruiters, while others have specialists who may have worked in a specific technology sector at one point.  Most will have a combination of both backgrounds.  It would be difficult to discount the possibility of working with any of these companies, but digging below the surface, the differences in type and depth of expertise among these search firms can make all the difference in a client’s hiring experience and long-term results. 

Founded in 2004, The Heiden Group (THG) has developed into a premier search firm specializing in recruiting sales, marketing and technical talent for some of the hottest technology companies in the U.S.  During the last eight years, we have established a niche for ourselves in the industry:

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We focus our recruiting efforts on the “hands-on” hires.

Our clients turn to us to help them fill positions that require direct practical experience and training, as well as active personal involvement in the daily operations of the company.  These people may function as individual contributors and mid-level managers, or even hold leadership positions depending on the size of the company.  These roles are critical to the growth and success of our clients and are just as important as executive positions.  High-performance companies get the right people in the right job, and we understand the huge financial impact that vacant positions or hiring the wrong candidates can make.

The clients who work with THG are dissatisfied with the status quo.

Our clients value our unwavering commitment to collaboration and customer service. They are impressed by our credibility and unmatched expertise in the high technology industry.  They consider us their partners and trusted advisors – relationships that go beyond filling a placement and often involve consulting on organizational direction and talent strategy.  We’ve earned this reputation because our results demonstrate time and time again that we are thoroughly invested in seeing that our clients succeed. 

For more information about THG, our flexible pricing and professional guarantee, please contact us.

We know first-hand what’s at stake because we are not career recruiters.

With more than seventy-five years of combined experience successfully pioneering emerging high technologies during our tenures leading sales, marketing, operations and strategy teams, we can firmly say that we’ve been in our clients’ shoes and we understand the pressures that they’re under.

So, we put our extensive backgrounds to work for our clients.  We know how to evaluate, attract, develop, excite and retain the top performers -- the vice president of sales who will build winning teams and keep them motivated, the sales and marketing managers who will simply but persuasively educate even the most cynical of audiences about the benefits of a leading-edge or intricately complex technology, and the highly skilled engineer who will help deliver the next generation of valuable products and services.

Unlike the average recruiter who might have to rely on tip sheets, we can draw from our own knowledge and expertise to identify the most talented and qualified people, then strike the right chord with these potential candidates to get them interested in a position, even if they are not actively looking for new employment.

Thanks to the breadth and depth of our experience in the high technology industry, it’s also a given that we may tap into our large professional network to handpick the right people for our clients, or conduct discreet reference checks as part of our candidate vetting process.  Making these connections and harnessing the power of our relationships and experience have made a significant impact on our clients’ businesses.  We get our clients better results, faster.

We follow a methodical project management-based approach to solve our clients most difficult and demanding hiring assignments.

This level of rigor is the hallmark of the most successful executive search firms, and we believe that applying an executive search methodology to our clients’ complex and challenging individual contributor, mid-level and VP hiring needs enables us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.  This process ensures that we

  • Are completely aligned with our clients’ goals and objectives;
  • Use resources effectively and efficiently by pursuing research-driven and time-proven tactics;
  • Deliver customized results and only present candidates who meet a minimum of eighty percent of our clients’ requirements; and
  • At the close of an engagement, solicit our clients’ feedback to measure our performance against pre-defined metrics and our own high standards of client service.
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