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The Heiden Group Names Advisory Board

Industry leaders endorse Heiden Group's recruiting and consulting vision

Reston, VA., November 30, 2004 - The Heiden Group today announced an Advisory Board comprised of some of the most accomplished executives in the technology industry. The Heiden Group will leverage the Advisory Board to further differentiate its business consulting services and recruiting practice by tapping into their vast knowledge and experience. The participation of the Advisory Board members also brings an endorsement of The Heiden Group's unique approach to these markets which includes service level agreements (SLA's) on sales representative and corporate revenue performance.

The Board includes Kathleen Earley who created, built and managed AT&T's web hosting business and has been called one of the most powerful people in enterprise networking by Network World and Heidi Heiden who designed, built and managed the first Internet, the Defense Data Network (DDN) and pioneered the IP and GPS protocols. Additional board members are: Carl N. Grant III, VP at Cooley Godward; Lynn Refer, CEO of Looking Glass Networks; JP Morgan Partners' Chris Albinson; Columbia Capital's Matt Newton; Mike Jenner, VP and GM of AT&T's Global IP Services; Jim Becker, former COO of Qwest Communications; Eric Gioia of Robbins-Gioia; and Alex Coleman, VP at Verizon Communications.

"Our Advisory Board has led some of the most innovative solutions in the technology world over the last 20 years and managed to surround themselves with very talented teams. We want to draw from that innovation and team-building success to help solve our client's complex business needs and recruiting issues" said Clint Heiden, Partner and co-Founder.

"Having a group of individuals like this endorse Heiden Group's vision and participate actively in their corporate development speaks volumes. And, leveraging outside business leaders and offering guarantees on success is a very unique approach in the recruiting and consulting worlds" said Keith Olsen, CEO of Switch and Data.

About The Heiden Group

The Heiden Group provides proven expertise to help clients confront the complex challenges that limit business performance and assists clients in building world-class organizations. The firm consults companies from the IP, Telecom and Data industries gain valuable insight to help them build winning strategies and improve their bottom line. The Heiden Group is headquartered in Reston , Va. , with additional offices in San Francisco , Ca.

For further information on The Heiden Group, contact Brad Phillips at (703) 715-4992.

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